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Preventive Dentistry and Cleanings in Centreville

A vital part of our work is to educate our patients. A well informed patient will be able to take an active role in their treatment and together we can accomplish a great smile! The absolute best way to preserve your dental health is to maintain a sensible oral hygiene regimen. In addition to daily flossing and brushing, this includes regular dental examinations, professional cleanings and x-rays when necessary. A complete oral exam can help ensure you keep your smile bright and healthy. Keeping your oral health a priority will help reduce money spent on dental treatment later. Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Aunon, our personal service and experience will make your dental visit a pleasure.

Tooth Extractions

The removal of a tooth from your mouth is referred to as a dental extraction. There are a variety of reasons a patient may require an extraction, including decay, which has deteriorated enough of the tooth structure to render the tooth unable to be restored. Many extractions are due to impacted or problematic wisdom teeth, or to provide space for orthodontic treatments, which are routinely performed.

Dr. Aunon strives to maintain your natural smile with regular cleanings and exams, yet if extractions are required, you can rest assured he and his team will take you through the treatment in a gentle and caring manner.


The technical term for clenching and grinding your teeth is referred to as Bruxism. Many times people are completely unaware of the fact this biting down too hard when they shouldn’t be, and a lot of the time in their sleep. Some people also believe their teeth should be touching at all times, yet this too is a misconception. Unfortunately, most are not diagnosed with bruxism until it’s too late, and don’t even realize this habit has been ongoing.
Dr. Aunon is able to notice physical signs of bruxism, yet may be observed over multiple visits, before recommending therapy. Some patients may be able to overcome the problem by changing their behavior. Others may need to wear a custom plastic mouth appliance, referred to as a night guard, to reduce the pressure and absorb the force of biting.

If you’ve been suffering from jaw pain, clicking and popping of the jaw or teeth sensitivity, contact the Aunon Dental Group to discuss your options for a better nights sleep.



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Dr. Aunon believes in having the most up to date technology that dentistry has to offer to greatly reduce and ultimately eliminate any fear of going to the dentist for the adult, teen, and especially the child. With the help of his highly qualified and caring staff, he promises the most comprehensive dental care.
Dr. Cartaya helps people live happier lives through advanced dental techniques and treatment plans while educating them to ensure a relaxing experience every step of the way. A foreign-trained dentist from Venezuela and a top honoree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Maryland.


They will address all of your needs and make sure you’re comfortable throughout all treatments you receive. At this office, you will experience painless and quick procedures with great results.


The staff are very supportive and friendly. We’ve been happy with all of the technical Staff & dentists. They make sure you understand all steps to each procedure.


I have been coming to this dental practice for the past few years (over 5 I believe) and there’s a reason I don’t look anywhere else to have my dental work done! The dentist themselves are all amazing!


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